Focus on complex diseases and more complicated development designs, are leading to longer development times. When it is combined to capacity constraints inherent to medtech/biotech start-ups, this is a burden to the success of many innovative new ventures. 

For a biotech company, the critical target is to demonstrate the clinical proof of concept at the shortest notice, particularly given the usual cash constraints in this Industry... 

In general, the "race and rewards" go to the swiftest and most effiscient sponsor who deliver safe and effective medicines in the shortest time.  In such a race, effective project management is an unvaluable asset not only in terms of strategic planning but also in day to day operations. 

We support your Projects as

  • Consultant

Project Planning and Clinical Trial Design, CRO Management, Sourcing and Vendor selection. 

  • Contractor

Operating within your organization on your projects with respects to your capacity constraints.