There is a consensus considering that for most Biotech/Medtech start-ups, the Management of the company follows 3 distinct phases...

At the beginning, the Founder-Scientist is managing a virtual organisation with a couple of peer-scientists. The company generally takes advantage from academic resources, is supported operationnally by their Tech-Transfer office and, financially by governement grants and seed-funding.

Soon, might come a first shift from a Science-based venture towards a Business and Commercially-driven organization. At this stage, it is critical to have strenghtened the Management with People having the right experience of organizing and developping an SME, understanding R&D and, moreover, having proven capabilities to deal with potential partners and investors.

The second shift happens - or not: this is when the company has products or services heading for the market place, in most of cases the Manager present at the first shift would take the company to this latest stage...


We support your Management and Organization as:

  • Consultant

System Audit, Strategic and Tactical planning, Gap Management, Change Management, Recruitment

  • Interim Manager

Part-time CEO/COO, Part-time CBDO (particularly for Services and Hybrid models)